Simple responsive.

FluidFoam™ technology is as simple as it gets. No midsole gizmos. No gels, airbags or plastic parts. Just pure, responsive foam from heel to toe.

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Adaptive support.

Your foot is unique. And so are the surfaces you run on. Lateral cushioning combined with medial support slows the pronation rate for each unique footstrike while adapting to changing terrain.


All runners need more control due to the demands of uneven terrain. Ruts, rocks and roots take their toll, often causing ankles to roll inward regardless of natural pronation. FluidPost delivers on-demand support, slowing the rate of pronation for each individual foot strike, allowing for a natural, balanced stride.


Neutral runners and natural pronators will feel a cushioned supportive midsole. The blended densities eliminate any hard glue lines between midsole on posting, resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride.

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Dry and light.

Say goodbye to wet and soggy. By bonding the internal bootie directly to the outer shoe there is no space for water and debris to collect, resulting in a waterproof-breathable membrane that is seamless, flexible, and light.

1. True Fit

Dynamic, four-way stretch, waterproof barrier has no folds, no seams and no seam-sealing tape so you get a consistent and true fit in every shoe.

2. Lightweight

Waterproof membrane is heat sealed to the upper resulting in Zero Water Penetration and no additional weight in wet conditions.

3. Dynamic Flexibility

The patented construction technique of OutDry eliminates the need for materials that inhibit forefoot flexibility. The result is truly waterproof shoes that maintain the flexibility found in non-waterproof styles.

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Power of the grip.

Your foot’s not going anywhere you don’t want it to go. Sticky carbon rubber with multi-directional lugs delivers aggressive traction across a variety of surface conditions.

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Your footprint.

Are you ready for the science of ahhhhhh? This thermo-moldable foam can be molded to the shape of your foot. Simply follow instructions on the shoe or insole packaging and enjoy. Be sure to read all warning labels and use with caution.

1. HEAT: Preheat a regular or convection oven to 225° F (107° C). Heat sandals for 3 minutes. An oven thermometer is recommended. (WARNING: Do not use a microwave oven, toaster, or toaster oven)

2. MOLD: Remove the sandals from the oven and immediately place onto your feet. Stand with your full weight balanced for 2 minutes.

3. ENJOY: Walk around while the sandals are still warm to complete the molding process. Sandals are now ready to use!

Happy trails.

Trail Shield is a lightweight, flexible material that is co-molded between outsole and midsole for underfoot protection. Whether full or half-foot versions, each is designed to protect you from rocks, roots, and other trail debris.

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Guided transition.

FluidGuide midsole technology adapts to ever-changing terrain and provides the smoothest possible foot guidance and multidirectional stability. The perfectly blended densities in our FluidGuide midsole eliminate the hard glue lines between midsole parts, ensuring a clean transition throughout the gait cycle, creating a more cushioned, balanced and natural stride. FluidGuide stability is the equalizer that improves the ride on the uneven trails.

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