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Awesome shoe but the tread needs work

Jan 31, 2014

I love the fit of this shoe! I usually wear custom orthotics but I can wear this shoe without orthotics when I'm just out and about. It has great arch support. However, I do wear my orthotics when I'm running in them. My only complaint is that some of the lugs/tread is starting to come off and I only have around 100 miles on the shoe. I was able to solve the problem with shoe glue, but I also had a similar problem with a different Montrail shoe a couple of years ago. I will run in these as long as they hold up. Planning to do a trail 50K with these in March. The grip is amazing in mud or on rocks! Has plenty of cushion and protection, but not too beefy of a shoe for me. I will consider purchasing another pair, but this is the 2nd Montrail shoe that I've worn and had problems with the sole and tread. Not a big deal but an area that Montrail should try to improve. Awesome fit!

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