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Best of All Worlds

Sep 26, 2011

These shoes are the best of all worlds - lightweight, breathable and slightly "minimal" yet sturdy and supportive enough for long runs for those that can't go completely minimal/unstructured. The heel-toe drop is a mid-range 10 mm (as reported by manufacturer and confirmed at home by me) which is not so much as to alter my stride, yet eases calf/achilles strain for the longer runs. I would usually choose a more minimal shoe for short runs, but these are just the ticket for endurance trail running. I also use them for hiking, backpacking, etc. My only complaint - and this is pretty minor given all the pluses - is that the fabric really soaks up water like a sponge and takes quite a while to dry. It drains well, but remains soggy. I wish they could provide as much comfort with less material so it would dry faster, but perhaps that is asking too much.

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