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Superb anti-pronation, grip, breathability and fit

Jul 23, 2011

Finally I was able to throw away my home-made arch-lifting insoles that I needed in my other running shoes (Mizuno, NB, Asics) - the pronation control design of these is a far more sophisticated design than just a harder bit under the arch, the entire footbed is designed around it. No more shin splints. The grip is great and the anti-rock plate design is very good too. The lack of goretex is, for me, an advantage since it allows the water to drain out rather than pool in the shoe, and in hot weather the breathability is superb, I can feel the airflow over my foot. One key thing about these is that the heel cup is actually quite low inside, meaning that the foot is quite 'flat' from heel to toe, i.e. you are not angled forward by high heel cushioning - this means you can actually use this shoe in a bare-foot style, running on your toes instead of heel-striking. Great colours too!

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